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Las mejores tiendas en Nashville

Centro comercial
“This mall has some amazing stores including Louis Vuitton & Jimmy Choo and fantastic eateries”
202recomendaciones de los habitantes
Centro comercial
“Many outlet type stores and chain alike. This is a casual, music-city focused mall great for tourist shopping. The Rainforest Cafe and Aquarium restaurants make for a fun, kid-friendly dining experience!”
112recomendaciones de los habitantes
Thrift / Vintage Store
“The Shoppes on Fatherland feature a diverse array of artisans and are the perfect place to poke around for gifts or locally made goods!”
140recomendaciones de los habitantes
Tienda de ropa
“A beautiful store housed in a 1950's filling station specializing in custom made denim!”
85recomendaciones de los habitantes
Music Store
“This is the cutest little vintage shop within walking distance of my house. Some nights you can head over where they have local bands playing....sometimes its movie night in the backyard...sometimes its yoga!”
76recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Founded by Reese Witherspoon, Draper James is steeped in Southern charm, designed for real life, and unapologetically pretty. Stop by to see for yourself!”
60recomendaciones de los habitantes
Record Shop
“If you want a great audio experience, you can’t ask for better than a room designed by Jack White, one of the most obsessive audiophiles of his generation. The Blue Room is a venue in White’s Third Man Records and just like all things Jack White, it pays close attention to the little details.”
58recomendaciones de los habitantes
Record Shop
“It's not a trip to Nashville if you don't swing by Grimey's to get your listenin' on!”
71recomendaciones de los habitantes
Antique Shop
“Fans of the show, American Pickers, will want to put this at the top of their list of places to hit. You may get to see the show's host Mike Wolfe who is in the store frequently.”
34recomendaciones de los habitantes
Record Shop
“Used & new vinyl albums and CDs. Because it is Music City, after all. Distance from our house: 0.3 miles. ”
44recomendaciones de los habitantes
Music Store
“Musical instruments and gear. My favorite store in Nashville. Not just my favorite music store. My favorite store. This store IS Nashville. Distance from our house: 0.6 miles. ”
35recomendaciones de los habitantes
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Open since 1999, The Hip Zipper is a pioneer in the neighborhood, and in fact, is considered to be one of the city's oldest all-vintage clothing shops.”
36recomendaciones de los habitantes
Tienda de regalos
“Favorite Nashville store, great for gifts. There are also plenty of other awesome stores in this area.”
32recomendaciones de los habitantes
“This is the closest place to buy essentials. Full pharmacy. Not a big grocery selection, but good in a pinch.”
26recomendaciones de los habitantes
“One of the coolest places in Nashville to go dancing. Also, they have authentic restaurants. It's a cultural center where you'll see lots of people from every kind of background. Go at night.”
25recomendaciones de los habitantes