La mejor selección de Bares en Nashville

Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. Robert's Western World
416 Broadway
229recomendaciones locales
Lyric: “Not a tourist trap bar like the rest on Broadway! Great live bands playing all night- what better to...” ·
2. Holland House Bar and Refuge
935 W Eastland Ave
190recomendaciones locales
Mark & Emily
Mark & Emily: “This is one of our favorite places to go for tasty cocktails in a great atmosphere. They have delici...” ·
3. 3 Crow Bar
1024 Woodland St
168recomendaciones locales
Reservations: “There’s always something going on at this bar, including their great trivia night every Thursday eve...” ·
4. Village Pub and Beer Garden
1308 McGavock Pk
121recomendaciones locales
Marcus: “They have a fantastic selection of local and regional beers, great sandwiches (vegetarian too), soft...” ·
5. Margot Café & Bar
1017 Woodland St
146recomendaciones locales
Sara: “Margot Café & Bar is our favorite casual, fine dining restaurant. They offer country French and Ita...” ·
6. The Patterson House
1711 Division St
118recomendaciones locales
Chuck & Susan
Chuck & Susan: “A very cool little speakeasy located in Midtown, just a short Yber ride away. Quiet unassuming from ...” ·
7. The Family Wash/Garage Coffee
626 Main St
110recomendaciones locales
Terry: “We really like the new Family Wash, which is a great reinvention of the old one, which was in a diff...” ·
8. No 308
407 Gallatin Ave
97recomendaciones locales
Emily: “Craft cocktails that are dangerously good. If you want a quiet & relaxing drink, go before 8pm. Mov...” ·
9. Dino's Bar
411 Gallatin Ave
81recomendaciones locales
Jessica: “Nashville's oldest dive bar recently had a change in ownership & a remodel. Now smoke free & with an...” ·
10. Santa's Pub
2225 Bransford Ave
68recomendaciones locales
Mark & Emily
Mark & Emily: “Okay, this one is only for the brave. It is a very smoky dive bar with karaoke and is so much fun. B...” ·
11. The Crying Wolf
823 Woodland St
67recomendaciones locales
Ryan: “My personal fave bar wise. Very chill and "wildlife" designed lounge bar. Drinkwise I suggest tryi...” ·
12. Red Door Saloon
1010 Forrest Ave
75recomendaciones locales
Celia & Yancey
Celia & Yancey: “Total neighborhood bar with killer deck. All ages and walks of life frequent this place. Smoking is ...” ·
13. M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers - Sylvan Park
4408 Charlotte Ave
57recomendaciones locales
Patrick: “Great local bar about 8 blocks from my suite. Wonderful draft & bottled beer collection with favori...” ·
14. The Stage on Broadway
412 Broadway
52recomendaciones locales
Matt & Deb
Matt & Deb: “Best Country Bar live venue. Tootsies is a must stop but this is the best open set up to really get...” ·
15. Whiskey Kitchen
118 12th Ave S
53recomendaciones locales
Paul: “$$ The Gulch - upscale sports bar, indoor/ourdoor, Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries, wings, fish and chip...” ·
16. The Hop Stop
2909 Gallatin Pike
84recomendaciones locales
Neal: “If you love craft beer, this is your place. Clean, friendly staff, ever-evolving list of excellent ...” ·
17. The Lipstick Lounge
1400 Woodland St
43recomendaciones locales
Lorie: “Located in the heart of East Nasty's 5 Points - spend the afternoon or the entire night bar hopping ...” ·
18. M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers - Melrose
2535 8th Ave S
46recomendaciones locales
Daphne: “A place for seriously good sports bar food! M L Rose gives a nod to the southwest with a menu that e...” ·
19. Losers Bar & Grill
1911 Division St
42recomendaciones locales
Cory: “Go where the country music stars go to hang out. Any night of the week you could rub elbows at the ...” ·
20. Mickey's Tavern
2907 Gallatin Pike
69recomendaciones locales
Lindsey: “It's a "dive bar" to a whole new level. Great beers on tap. They always have two for ones. Darts, po...” ·
21. The Red Door Saloon
1816 Division St
38recomendaciones locales
Joshua: “Frequented by Kings of Leon, country stars and the supermodels that date them. You can't go wrong w...” ·
22. The Cobra
2511 Gallatin Ave
37recomendaciones locales
Alece: “A dive-bar with live music that's a short walk away? Score. (Only downside? It's a smoking venue.)” ·
23. Rebar
1919 Division St
34recomendaciones locales
UrbanNashville: “One of many bars off Division St in midtown. Also, check out Losers, Winners, Blue Bar, the Red Door...” ·
24. Bar Luca
1100 Stratton Ave
30recomendaciones locales
Garret: “This wine bar is part of refab project for a large abandoned building that was repurposed. Very qua...”
25. Honky Tonk Central
329 Broadway
28recomendaciones locales
UrbanNashville: “You're in Nashville; Honky Tonking is a must. Between 5th and 1st on Broadway, you will find the cla...” ·
26. Duke's
1000 Main St
25recomendaciones locales
H.J.: “Favorite casual, full-service East Side bar. Great music and excellent people-watching (the later it...” ·
27. The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar
154 2nd Ave N
23recomendaciones locales
Alece: “Dueling piano bar downtown on Broadway... So fun (be prepared for coarse humor), and a nice change-u...” ·
28. Old Glory
1200 Villa Pl
23recomendaciones locales
Mario & Liz
Mario & Liz: “This place is wicked cool, nothing else like it in Nashville. Great cocktails, hidden in an old furn...” ·
29. Winners Bar & Grill
1913 Division St
20recomendaciones locales
Jason: “My favorite Monday night spot. Whiskey Jam is here every Monday night and it's the place to go for l...” ·
30. Bastion
434 Houston St
28recomendaciones locales
Julia: “I cannot make up this description: the only way you know you're at this bar is because it's the one ...” ·