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Cueva El Soplao

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Casas Primorías
Casas Primorías
September 23, 2015
Hear the call of the stones, with its beautiful melody, like the sweet song of a mermaid that beguiles you and leads you to the entrails of the Earth.
June 17, 2015
Magnificent caves with stalactites and stalagmites which wil awe you!
Luis Antonio
Luis Antonio
April 11, 2020
Preciosa cueva. No dejar de visitar
January 28, 2020
Esta cueva simplemente es preciosa.
Carmen Mari
Carmen Mari
December 2, 2019
una cueva excepcional con estalactitas y estalagmitas, con una sala de "excéntricas" increíble.

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History Museum
“The Altamira Museum is located 2 km away from the urban center of Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, next to the original cave. It was in 1868 and 1879 when engravings of Homo Sapiens, corresponding to the Upper Magdalenian Palaeolithic and a smaller number of Solutrense, were found in the well-known Cave of Altamira, but due to their deterioration, access was restricted, Next to the original cave, the new facilities of the Museum of Altamira and the Neocueva, reliable and meticulous replica of the original.”
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Point of Interest
“Las cuevas del Monte Castillo, situadas en Puente Viesgo, es un conjunto de cuatro cavidades con arte rupestre paleolítico, declaradas Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 2008. De las cuatro, dos están abiertas al público: El Castillo y Las Monedas.”
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“Typical cantabrian village with excellent restaurants and sightseeings. Don't miss their deer dishes. Barcena Mayor Los Tojos”
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Administrative Area Level 4
“An amazing Irish cafe bar with a huge range of international beers, coffees and teas. Wi Fi, terrace, flat screen...”
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“The Nature Park of Cabárceno is not a conventional zoo nor a natural park. It is a space naturalized by the hand of man, from the primitive beauty of its karstic landscape, on the 750 ha of an old open-cast mine. Life is developed in the most natural environment possible for the animals that inhabit it. It is conceived for educational, cultural, scientific and recreational purposes, having become one of the major tourist attractions of northern Spain. It is an ideal place to spend the day with the family as it has many recreational areas, picnic areas, viewpoints, botanical routes, cafes, restaurants, children's playground etc.....”
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s/n Prao el Colla
Celis, Cantabria 39553
Teléfono+34 902 82 02 82