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My husband & I are both songwriters & musicians. We are family oriented, love great music, enjoy traveling & having fun. We are laid back, easy to talk to, cool people. Our motto is "Eat, drink & b... más información

Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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A good friend of ours owns this place and the food is great! It is now known to tourists and all over town so the best time to hit it without a line is around 3:00 or 4:00 before the rush. Family... más información

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I am from NY and this place by far has the best pizza in town. They have a walk up window or you can sit down. It is well worth checking out if you love a good pie.

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Owned by country musician Alan Jackson. This downtown spot has lots to offer including food, cocktails and music.

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The Bluebird is a historic spot that yes is always on the TV show Nashville. Known for local songwriter circles, small ambiance and historic musical is a must!! Definitely get there ear... más información

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This title speaks for itself and is all about the history of country music. A must see!

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This is a beautiful art gallery. From its structure, marble floors and details everywhere you look it is gorgeous. Depending on the time of year they could be exhibiting such work from Monet or e... más información

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Are you a football fan or love seeing enormous live events? Then this is the place to be!

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This was originally the birthplace of the Grand Ole Opry. It is now the Rhyman Auditorium and musicians of all kinds perform there. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. Tours availabl... más información

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This is one of our favorite new restaurants! High end and very fresh with a new menu every night and right in the middle of 5 Points. A great area in East Nashville with lots to do. Just minutes ... más información

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A beautiful park with lots to see and do!

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This is a full size replica of the real Parthenon. Walk the grounds and go inside. A great place to check out with a beautiful park and restaurants all near by.

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Cheekwood is a Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. A gorgeous place to explore on a sunny day. This garden in Nashville includes a Japanese garden, herb, perennial and wildflower gardens, as well ... más información

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A great local spot to try Nashville's own Hot Chicken! This is chicken like not other and quite an unusual treat.

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This is a huge outlet mall right next to the Grand Ole Opry, Opry Mills Hotel and General Jackson Showboat. With stores such as Converse, Michael Kors and TONS more you will definitely fill your s... más información

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If you like biscuits and gravy or a really good cheap breakfast this is where the locals go and it is good!

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My good friends own this place and it is very unique. They also own The Pharmacy which is another hot spot I listed. This is a great place for dinner and cocktails, a bit casual and priced just r... más información

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A great spot for beer lovers! Including local, national and international brands on tap in addition to a highly curated bottle list. A fun spot for beer drinkers!

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This is a must see! The Opryland Hotel is a enormous place that you can walk through with water falls, plants, boats, lights, shops, restaurants, everything! It is spectacular and even if you are... más información

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This is definitely where the tourists hang out but it is a must see / experience at least once! Walk up and down the strip and experience live music everywhere, shops, museums and much more.

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This place is great to dine for brunch through dinner with tons of live music!! Go online and see who is playing. You never know who might be cruising through town!

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This place speaks for itself. Where legends have performed, this is a must experience venue for any music lover.

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Who doesn't love Johnny Cash? This is a great spot to learn all about his life and music. Another local must see!

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The Gulch is a very chic area with lots of shops, restaurants & night life. A more local area with a bit less tourists & lots to do.

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A great place to hear all kinds of music as well as local singers and songwriters as well as grab a bite. Across the street from the Grand Ole Opry and TONS of other fun places to explore!

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Owned by International recording artist Jack White, this is a great place for his fans to learn a bit more about him and what he is doing these days as well as pick up some great items.

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An eclectic shop with all kinds of unique trinkets, clothes, furniture and more. An local Nashville spot.

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A great area of little locally owned shops. You can walk outside in one door and out to the next so bring an umbrella if it is raining. A fun place to see where the locals hang and how they do wh... más información

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Looking to catch a flick?? This is the best theatre in town with lots of options and is a part of the HUGE outlet mall. Less then 10 minutes from your apartment.

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This is a great spot and worth the drive!! This location is right next to the airport. Watch the planes take off outside and wander into this beautiful, historic mansion for family style dining. ... más información

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A new local hangout great for drinks and light food!