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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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quaint little iconic place where you can listen to song writers share both songs and stories. Look into advanced tickets for more in demand shows or show up early to see about getting in last minut... más información

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Yummy Burgers Locally Sourced Ingredients

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Fun breakfast/lunch or dinner- huevos rancheros, coffee & side walk tables makes for a charming morning - it can get busy on the weekends.

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Fun Coffee Shop in a renovated Bungalow in the middle of 12 south. patio seating and friendly locals. Food, coffee, wine and beer.

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Great Museum - depending on the exhibit you can find everything from fashion to one of a kind sports cars. Always something interesting happening here.

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Historic Music Venue - day time tours and exhibits of history's many performers who graced its stage and concerts of all genres still happening nightly.

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Nashville Classic... its pancakes and breakfast stuff... there is usually a line unless its mid week... they put out coffee/water for those patiently waiting.

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Wonderful Nature Preserve - easy and moderate hiking trails (not dogs on the trails unfortunately), paved lakeside walking trail (dog friendly). Absolutely beautiful bit of earth tucked into the mi... más información

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Great BBQ and wonderful patio seating - BBQ sandwich with Edley's Bourbon tea... pretty awesome.

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MY FAVORITE popsicle shop! We've been stopping by here for more than a decade! Tons of flavors and it makes you feel like a kid again, walking in the park across the street or sitting on a bench...... más información

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Amazing ice cream... incredible flavors. Some times theres a line.... we live here so we don't wait in line... we come back another time but ... the people in line say its worth it.

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One of our favorites... before 12 South was the 12 south written about in magazines we'd be here a few times a week for great beer, great people and great food. We still here frequently and they've... más información

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An exact replica of the Parthenon - beautiful inside and out located on the park grounds.

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Cheekwood Botanical Garden's is beautiful - art exhibits and garden exhibits change but are always fun.

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Trendy cocktail and dinner joint

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Another 12 South Classic - 2for1 pizza slices and beer Tuesday nights!

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Upscale fun fine dining.



$$· 2017 Belmont Blvd·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Late Night Eats - from sushi to burgers - don't forget to check out Wine of the Moment & 1/2 price bottles on Wednesday.

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Great get there it is a beautiful walk down belmont (about 1 mi) through stunning homes and landscaping.

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A Nashville Gem!!! this park is such a special place. miles and miles of trails, roads and woodlands. Dog friendly trails and a beautiful setting.

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Upscale small little place with amazing Lebanese cuisine - call ahead.

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Fun Mexican Joint- green chili enchiladas are my favorite - slightly spicy but such great flavor. Quick and Easy.

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You can walk here faster than you can make breakfast at home... breakfast, lunch and coffee with a patio.

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Recently renovated Belcourt is an independent theater with wonderful charm.

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Broadway's lined with Honky Tonks and live music every day - day and night. Take a walk and stop in where ever sounds good to you.

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Lots of locally made stuff you never knew you needed. Love stopping in this gem.

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Great clothing and home goods - 12 South shopping must.

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Home of President Andrew Jackson - an incredible step back in time - tour/exhibit and a tour of the home and grounds takes 1/2 a day at least but very intersting. Wonderful in the spring and fall.

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Great Country Music Venue - go for a show and be sure to check out the indoor gardens at Opryland Hotel!

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wonderful museum for Cash fans... its a small place but we spend hours!