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My husband Max and I are proud to call Nashville home. We are fans of great food and wine, time with family and friends, and of course Titans Football, Predators Hockey and Sounds Baseball. Our liv... más información

Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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Beautiful but can be crowded and parking is limited. Best to visit on a weekday...

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A very cool little speakeasy located in Midtown, just a short Uber ride away. Quiet unassuming from the outside so as to be just like a real speak easy, you will find a variety of very fancy and de... más información

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Shop local, support our farmers, buy organic or just browse the art, jewelry, clothing and decor. Several good restaurants and international grocers on site!

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This place has very good food and the atmosphere is fun too. You get to share your table with strangers family style. The food never stops coming, make sure you are extremely hungry! They have fant... más información

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In the heart of West End is The Parthenon, which stands proudly as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, Nashville's premier urban park. The re-creation of the 42-foot statue Athena is the focus of t... más información

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the FLOWERS!!! Set in the outskirts of the city, this botanical park is one of its sparkling jewels. The drive out to the site alone is precious eye candy, set in an area of historic and traditiona... más información

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Nice for sitting outside with a good cup of coffee and a fantastic crepe!

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Heavy on the meat with German flair.

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Vince Gill is a semi-regular here, among other famous musicians...

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Beautiful upscale space, great ambiance, but that's reflected in the prices so be warned...

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Another great music venue! Check their website for upcoming acts. This is a really cool environment and different from many of the other music venues in that it is a little more elegant, serving mo... más información

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The Gulch District has perfectly combined its industrial background with a modern contemporary style and has developed into a hotspot for young urbanites. Old warehouses have been renovated into re... más información

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Nashville Sounds baseball rocks!

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Designer clothing, liquidation pricing. Need I say more?

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Great Mexican food and cool place to hang out!

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If you like Thai food, this is truly an authentic Thai restaurant located on eighth Avenue, just a short ride away from the house. The atmosphere is definitely not much. But the food is absolutely ... más información

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Great Vietnamese food. Try the avocado milkshake!

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Good food, reasonable prices.

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Hot Dog! They have some awesome hot dogs!

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Really good and dependable local pizza place for dine-in, take out or delivery with reasonable prices. Delivery takes much longer and adds to costs though...

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