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Delicious burgers and fries at a reasonable price! Just one mile from Margie's Hideaway on 12 South.

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Museum of sorts of Country Music Stars - old and new.

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1.4 miles from Margie's Hideaway, In 12South area which includes shops, restaurants, etc.

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Awesome, enlightening, special, unique. I have truly enjoy each time I have gone to the Frist to see each exhibit. There is also a Cafe' with great food if you want to view the exhibits a little wh... más información

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Original Grand Ole Opry House. Tours and check before you come if any live entertainment there during your stay.

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I say BEST BAR-B-QUE in town.

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Great southern breakfast.

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Fantastic bluegrass music and also Doyle and Debby Show on Tuesday nights a must see. Always sold out. Get tickets early!

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This is why we are called 'The Athens of the South'. The only authentic replica of the original Parthenon in Greece. Beautiful! Art exhibits inside. Great park to walk, site-see, make new friends.



$$$· 37 Rutledge St·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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High-End Restaurant, Great for celebrating special occasions

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Outlet Stores; very popular mall !! about 15 miles from Margie's Hideaway. Also has restaurants, movie theater. Can park in this parking area and walk over the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel to s... más información



$$$$· 2600 8th Ave S·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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This is located where the old, gorgeous Melrose Theater used to be. Pictures of movies stars all around interior and food is delicious.

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Great food, beer, etc.

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Great eats, Great music, great bars, great night life!

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Owned by Hank Williams, Sr's., granddaughter. A 'neat' place to find unusual gifts from Nashville to take back home to family and friends.

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Huge, antique southern home with tours and history of Nashville, Great restaurant there, call ahead to make RESERVATIONS. GREAT SATURDAY, SUNDAY BRUNCH and tour.

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Who wouldn't enjoy seeing and learning more about "The Man in Black" Johnny Cash

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Great restaurants; Station Inn for great music is in the Gulch.

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1.3 miles from Margie's Hideaway

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Comfortable, welcoming, within walking distance, AND delicious coffee!

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Music venue, old theater refurbished and is quaint and beautiful with wonderful music ! Also, sometimes movies.

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Owned by Reese Witherspoon. They offer you a glass of REAL southern sweet tea when you enter the store.

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Historic Civil War Era, Stories of haunted back porch, etc! Very interesting.

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Mouth-watering filet sliders! Delicious 'artichoke chicken', shrimp and grits, chicken tenders, Fantastic service! 1 mile from Margie's Hideaway where you are staying. If you choose to use their fo... más información

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Just a little over a mile away from Margie's Hideaway. Reasonably priced. Great food.

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Organic foods, Delicious hot/cold food bar

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24/7 diner...not been yet but want to go....if you are downtown Broadway it will be a great place to eat no matter what time of day or night. Let's go!

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On their lower floor the have a large section of Nashville keepsakes to take home to you friends and family. Great restaurant there, too.

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Big, chain grocery store, pharmacy

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Essentials, Pharmacy