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Although not born in Nashville, we've lived in this city for over 5 decades and we're in the music business. My husband's father was a well known steel guitar player (he's in the the Country Music ... más información
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The Parthenon, modeled after the Greek Parthenon is magnificent and the flowers and plants in the park are nicely kept. There is a small lake stocked with fish and ducks and geese who love to be fe... más información

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It's the BEST place to see and learn about country music legends AND your host's father, Pete Drake who was a famous steel guitar player is featured in one of the exhibits.

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Located in cool Hillsboro Village about 8 blocks away, you will love all the little shops around after you grab a coffee to go...OR take your time and get a sandwich or meal prepared by the staff e... más información

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Great for a nature walk or you can stay on the main road. There is also a nature center to enjoy and learn as well as the beautiful little lake. A must do for nature lovers.

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Hockey (in season) The Nashville Predators use this facility as home base! You will have a hockey game one night and the next a major concert will be happening. More intimate than a stadium but ... más información

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Family style, all you can eat Southern cuisine in an old farm house setting surrounded by lovely gardens. You get to sit at a large table and meet other guests, which makes for interesting dinner c... más información

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Bluegrass ~ Newgrass, whichever you prefer, The Station Inn is THE PLACE to go. All the GREATS have played here! It's a living, breathing piece of history!

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A great place to hear singer songwriters and they have a nice menu and plenty of space for a group. You'll hear some fine original music at this classy venue.

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The Nashville Sounds new baseball stadium is state of the art and we're excited to have this new facility built over Nashville's old original baseball field.

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Macy's and Nordstrom are the anchor stores.

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Many great restaurants, bars and coffee houses plus trendy stores for shopping! This chic, trendy area of town where people love to see and be seen used to be 'hobo heaven' a decade ago. Wow how t... más información

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All kinds of restaurants, coffee bars, and unique shopping along this stretch of 12th Ave S from Ashwood Ave to Kirwood Ave.

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Great coffee & food, you'll love this place, be sure to make it your first stop of the day b'cause their breakfasts are wonderful and you can order any time of day. Other menu items are excellent.

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The best margarita in town! Fresh ingredients make this place a cut above & a great Music Row Hang with lovely outdoor space.

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You can spend quality time with your kids & get some education at the same time. Great place for families!

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A sweet little park off 12th Ave South. Summertime offers a Farmer's market every Tuesday afternoon. A playground for younger kids plus picnic tables and open grass for frisbee or just lying on a ... más información

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When you arrive in Nashville for your stay, we recommend using Lyft ridesharing service to get around town or for a ride from the airport. A ride to or from the airport is typically 50% less than a... más información

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A restored theater which now is a spot for some of the most prestigious live music in the area. This 300 seat venue is state of the art but all the original art deco charm has been restored to it... más información

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The hardest part will be to decide which flavor to get! THEY are all dee lish!!!

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Many instruments played by iconic musicians now call this place home. You will be amazed at the history here and it won't be a disappointment in any way!

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This place is a little country, rock 'n roll and just plain cool. You can buy clothes, hear great music and have a blast.... Across the street from the world famous Station Inn.

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Housed in a late 19th century Victorian building, The Carl Van Vechten Gallery was established in 1949, when the acclaimed American painter Georgia O'Keeffe donated to Fisk the extraordinary group ... más información

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We love this store! Has everything you need but a small footprint so it doesn't take all day to shop.... get a free Kroger card to take advantage of in-store weekly specials!

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Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Books A Million, Old Navy, Ross, Marshall's, DSW Shoes, World Market, Publix Grocery, Costco, to name a few plus several restaurants including IHOP.

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Built on an old farm, around the original farmhouse, The Nashville Zoo is one amazing place. Kids will LOVE the jungle gym, which is huge. The animals are displayed in as natural a setting as pos... más información

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Nice space, great food, good service! What else do you want!

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Home and farm of President Andrew Jackson who was nicknamed 'Old Hickory". You will find as you drive around our city, there are many streets with this name, in fact Old Hickory pretty much surrou... más información

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They serve fish'n chips & Irish Stew! Good stout beer and a patio (heated in cold weather) for live music.

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Pharmacy 7 blocks from our location.