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I am a director/photographer and have called Nashville home since '97 . My husband James (also a creative) is a native. We, along with our 2 young kids, are avid Airbnb users both professionally & ... más información
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Great burgers and kid friendly. Super for large groups.

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JUST GO! It's amazing-- tortilla soup is the best. Would eat there everyday. Worth the wait or go at off times. Cash only ATM onsite, patio area.

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Great Sandwiches! Kid friendly.

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Love the breakfast!

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Great vibe.

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Just good… artisanal ice cream unique flavors

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Great food parking is slim.

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Interesting and well done.

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Good coffee and shops all around to check out

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Heard great things but never have eaten there.

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Solid, never a bad meal, great happy hour and bar menu too. Reservations recommended but bar is open.


Rumours East

$$· 1112 Woodland Street·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Wine bar and food. More chill , great backyard area.

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Bar, Food, Pool table, DJ, patio - great vibe and sometimes one off special events too. Look them up.

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Just around the corner. Great bar, Neighborhood vibe and bar eats.

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YUM. Locally made ice cream. Fun and a good hang. Walk around 5 points.

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Filled with bars and honkey tonks. Usually very busy but people really have fun down here. Even those who are not into country music it's fun and great people watching.

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Great tapas style food.

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Great thing to bring home from Nashville. Killer jeans and other items. Can be customized to fit. Local designers and internationally recognized.


Bar Luca

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
$$· 1100 Stratton Ave·Mapa·

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Quaint but cool vibe. Popular hang.


Third Man Records

$$· 623 7th Avenue South·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Jack White (White stripes/Deadweather etc) it's his joint. They sometimes have shoes, a shop, just a cool thing to check out.


Hatch Show Print

$$· 224 5th Avenue South·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Where the old school Iconic music bills are still made. Glass allows you to watch them do this technique. At convention center.

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Great mexican food and just across the street!

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On the water.. you need tickets but could hear from a far. Great outdoor venue.

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Great for kids and adults. Has a water play area to cool off, great view of the city - very cool for all ages.

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Great grocery, great hot and cold bar along with fresh juices made on site. Think of a local Whole Foods type place.

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Greenway, trials, open areas, pond, baseball fields and community golf course. Huge. Good for bikes or walks, play ground and dog park. It's massive.

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Good basics. If your looking for full organic however go to turnip truck. Has a pharmacy and Rite Aide is located across the street too.

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High end Leather shoes, accessories and boots. Killer space, curated odds and ends. Local designer Italian made.

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One if not still the largest vinyl album manufacturer in the country. They have tours if your a music head it's interesting and the building has housed some of the most famous musicians. Still look... más información



1212 4th Avenue North·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Amazing hand picked home items , gifts and even clothes. Carefully curated and near great food and other shops in Germantown.