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Greg and Stephanie are living the dream. Greg has worked as a songwriter in the music business for more than 20 years. Stephanie is a stay at home mom. They homeschool their 3 children and love to ... más información

Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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Stephanie's favorite place for brunch.

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Iconic honkey tonk, check the online schedule to catch Eileen Rose & The Silver Threads for classic country covers. These guys are fantastic.

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A lot of everything: street food, live music, sushi bar, cocktail bar, sports lounge, event space, roof top bar, farm store and radio station!

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Yes, THE Bluebird. Very touristy and terrible food and drinks, but worth seeing a performance. Avoid having to sit at a table and order "food," sit in the church pews instead. Get there early for... más información

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Country Music.

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Iconic honkey tonk

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Home to one of Nashville's most beloved chefs, Margot McCormak. Consistently good food and excellent service. Stephanie's favorite in town.

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artisan Mexican popsicles

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Nestled in the Gulch, this is a throwback to another time and it's the best place in the country for bluegrass. Period.

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bagels, fresh juices, smoothies for breakfast and lunch

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for those who love biscuits

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Check the website for in-store concerts during your visit! This store has the vibe of a college radio station with its crafty wooden shelves and endless rows of CDs and LPs. They’ve got an extensiv... más información

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The Basement and its other venues have earned a reputation as both a destination for touring artists and as the preferred venue for Nashville's creative community.

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full menu for breakfast and lunch, excellent coffee

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woodfired, brick oven pizza is Stephanie's favorite pizza spot

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We had our wedding reception on the front porch, this holds a special place in our hearts. Cozy atmosphere and comforting Italian food.

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one of a kind, southern chocolate

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Stellar venue for music concerts, theater and independent films. Consessions features your movie favorites in addition to local beer, wine and Olive + Sinclair chocolate.

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One of our preferred place to see Nashville songwriters perform in a round.

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Landmark to centuries of human history, this museum is most well known for its enterprise breeding thoroughbred racehorses going back to the early 1800s. Descendants of the Hardings' horses are rac... más información

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custom denim

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Everything about the Man in Black. Grab a snack at the Goo Goo Cluster shop across the street.

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Seriously good BBQ in the heart of our neighborhood.

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Indoor workout facility offers free access to the gym and indoor track, access to weights and machines for a small fee and bike rentals. Playground outdoors.

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Longtime destination and local favorite for authentic soft serve ice cream and seriously good shakes. Burgers, fries, etc. available. Great place to cool down your tongue after Hattie B's hot chicken.

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nice morning walk for great locally roasted coffee and locally sourced and blended teas

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raw & vegan, cocktails too!

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Jack White fan? Third Man Records is White's record company. The company's brick and mortar storefront downtown is also home to their studio, where they actually record bands directly to vinyl. In... más información

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New York style delicatessen done right.